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Getting Wired…

So it is day 3 after my oral surgery…i’m still feeling the achiness and soreness..guess that’s normal.  I’ve been taking the pain killers at night and boy does that knock me out!  I’ve been falling asleep at 7pm for the last two nights…it really does work cuz i don’t feel the pain in my mouth…until i wake up the next morning.  I don’t know why it’s always worse when I first wake up.

Today is the day i get my wires put in…i’m kinda dreading it because i have no idea what it’ll feel like.  Especially just having my extractions done not too long ago, i am not anxious to have anything done to my mouth.  So i get to the office and sit in the chair and wait for them to start.  The assistant comes over and starts working on me…she has two thin wires in her hands and starts on the top.  I first ask her is this going to hurt?  She said no, you’ll just feel a bit of pressure but the pain will come a couple of days later…great.  So she snaps it in, gets it into the brackets, do some twisting and she’s all done!  That was quick…and relatively pain free.  I only felt a bit of pressure but that was it.  So it was pretty easy, all done in about 10 minutes.

So far it’s not too bad…i think having the wires in look much better then just having the brackets in.  Makes it somehow normal looking.

I must say, I am getting a wee bit tired of soup though…that’s what i’ve been having mostly for the last week or so.  Maybe i’ll come up with something different to eat…i can only have so much soup!


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Day 2 after surgery

Well, it’s the day after my surgery…i’m really starting to feel the soreness and achyness….on top of that, I have a headache.  I haven’t taken any of the prescription pain killers yet, I’m holding out on it…but i think i may lose the battle and just take one.  I’m glad i don’t have to stuff gauze in my mouth anymore…the taste was just not good.  And i can talk now…barely but at least i don’t have cotton stuffed in my cheeks.  I’m still not able to eat so all I’ve been having is soup and applesauce…not much variety there but not much I can do either.  There’s just a constant ache in my jaws…and i can’t open wide.  Hopefully that’ll get better soon.

Update on the oral surgeon office.  So the doc called me the night of my surgery and wanted to make sure that i was okay and that i am taking my antibiotics.  He also mentioned that he’ll take care of the mix up of having all my teeth pulled and that he’ll fix it so that I would be happy.  I guess we’ll talk more about it when I go in next week for my checkup.  Hopefully that’ll be all squared away and I won’t have to pay more then what was originally planned.  That made me feel better.  Now if only i can heal quicker.

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So I went in this morning to have my extractions done.  I am hoping they don’t mess up this time and I actually get in.  Before I went in, I called my orthodontist office to see if it’s a good idea to reschedule my wires appointment since they are so close together.  She suggested that I move it to Thursday instead so that I have time to heal.

I head into the oral surgeon’s office and they bring me into a room.  They said that my husband can come in with me until they put me out.  So he came in and they were prepping me for the surgery.  It wasn’t long before he gave me the anesthesia that I went out…last thing i remember was the pinch in my arm…seconds later, I was knocked out.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the chair and the nurse led me to the recovery area.  My mouth was still numb…i felt like i had some kinda instrument propping up my jaws cuz my mouth was wide open.  I was still in and out at this point so I think they just needed to keep it open for awhile.  As i was laying there, I heard her bring someone in next to me.  It was curtained off but I could hear her sobbing…i mean she was crying pretty hard.  I don’t know what she had done but she sounded like she was in alot of pain.  I’m glad i wasn’t in her situation.

I was laying there for awhile and I kept thinking where’s my husband…i want Brian…he should be here by now.  I drifted out for a bit and then the nurse came in to check on me and to see if i was coming out of it.  I couldn’t talk so I nodded.  She then brought Brian in and I was so happy to see him.  The nurse had to take the stuff out of my mouth…it was just gauze…bloody gauze…ewwww.  She then stuffed new ones in and gave me a bag of new gauze so that I can change it every hour or so.  The doc came in to check up on me and said that it all went well, the 4 front ones were taken out and so were all her wisdom teeth.   WAIT…what the hell?  I had my wisdom teeth taken out as well?!?!?  I was suppose to only have the 4 front ones for my braces!  I’m confused….

We went out to the car, I was still wobbly at this point and we went home.  Brian helped me get out of the car and into our room.  I start to feel the numbness go away…oh boy…i’m starting to feel it.  So I’m sitting there and I had Brian call the doc back because I wanted this all taken care of.  I wanted to know why my wisdom teeth were taken out when I was only suppose to 4 of my front ones done.  The issue wasn’t that I didn’t want them done, I had to take them out sooner or later anyway.  The issue was that my insurance didn’t cover everything.  If had I split them up I would’ve only had to pay about $900.  But if i did them all at once, I had to pay $2200!  Of course I wasn’t going to fork over $2200!  That’s why I opted to split them up!  So Brian was on the phone trying to explain this to him…i doubt there’s anything we can do since obviously they screwed me over twice!  It was the same girl who took down my appointment and messed that up too.

So now not only am I in pain but my wallet’s in pain…this is 2.5x as much as I had budgeted…on top of the braces that I have to pay for, that’s alot of money that I don’t have right now!  And that really pisses me off!  The doc said he’ll see what he can do but i doubt there’s anything he can do.  All i know is that I’m not recommending him to anyone.  And I will go to my orthondontist and tell them that so they don’t recommend anyone to them either!

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My hubby, Brian, took me to the pumpkin patch today.  Believe it or not, it was my first time ever at the pumpkin patch!  We actually went to a couple of places.  The first place we went to was down by our house, we just followed the pumpkin signs.  The place wasn’t too big and it didn’t seem like they had alot ot choose from.  We got out and walked around and even got a wheelbarrow and wheeled it over to the pumpkin patch.  It didn’t take us long to decide to leave…besides, the pumpkins were selling for 50 cents a pound!  It was even cheaper at Safeway!  So we decided to go to the one down in Auburn.  We pass by it everyday on the way to work and that place is huge!  I swear there were about a million pumpkins there!  It was pretty busy and by the time we found a parking spot, we were ready to go!  So we strolled around a bit and picked up a few pumpkins.  Brian got a ginormous one, I swear it was like 50lbs!  Oh and this place is cheaper, a quarter per pound!

Brian wheels it to the weigh station and went to the cashier to pay.  As I was walking over I see a bin full of butternut squashes!  I was excited because I’ve been wanting to make butternut squash soup and they were cheap here, 2 for $3.  So I comb through the batch and found two giant squashes!  We head to the car to load up the pumpkins and are on our way home to carve them!

We had gone online to find some free patterns and I found a doxie!  Brian did a character from The Family Guy, Brian the dog, one of his favorite shows.  We laid out the plastic garbage bag on the table and started gutting the pumpkins.  It took us about 3 hours to finish it all up and here is our creation!

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Ahhhhhh….I am so thankful for whoever invited Canker Covers!  They are the greatest invention ever!  I was in so much pain from the brackets rubbing against the side of my face!  It had gotten so swollen, to the point where it hurts just to breathe.  Ugh, I thought I had to live with the pain for another week before it went away.  So I started surfing the net to see if there’s anything I can do to relieve the pain and came across a forum for people with braces.  I checked it out and lots of people were recommending this product called Canker Covers.  It sounded pretty good so I decided to give it a try and stopped by Rite-Aid on the way home.  So I immediately tried it on when I got home cuz I couldn’t bear the pain anymore.  It came in a round, pill-like tablet.  You hold it against the sore in your mouth for 20 seconds and it sticks there and 30 minutes later it forms a gel patch over the sore.  I immediately felt some relief…i think the fact that something was covering the sore really helped.  Even though the review said that the sore is healed the next day, I was skeptical.  I didn’t think it would really work that fast.  I was wrong.  The next day, I felt like the sore had really healed.  It wasn’t bothering me as much and the swelling has gone way down.  The gel usually dissolves after 8 to 12 hours.  I decided to keep using it until the sores are all healed.  That product is amazing.  I highly recommend it for anyone that experiences canker sores periodically.  I will stock up on that for sure!

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Today is the day I get my 4 extractions done…or so I thought.  I’ve been feeling anxious about the since the night before, I know it’s not as bad as getting impacted wisdom teeth pulled out but I’m still having four teeth yanked out, that can’t be fun.  Since they are putting me to sleep, thank god for that, I was to fast for 12 hours…so no breakfast for me.  My appointment is at 12:30pm so we head out there around 12:15, it was really close to our office.  Brian and I walked up to the front door and as he was trying to open it, it wouldn’t budge…looks like it was locked.  I was thinking, that’s odd, why lock the door during business hours?  I peer in the window and there’s a lady at the front desk, mouthing “we are closed”.  Maybe I read her lips wrong, but closed?  How can you be closed when I’m scheduled for oral surgery!??!  She comes over and unlocks the door for us and tells us, “We are closed for the day, can I help you with something?”.  I managed to not blow up at her and say that I was scheduled for oral surgery right now.  She looked confused…so she goes over to check her appointment book and told us that they had rescheduled all appointments a month ago and had called everyone already.  Uh…obviously you missed a big one cuz you forgot to give me a call!  I was getting kinda angry at this point.  How can they mess up like this?  How unprofessional is that?!?!  It’s not like I’m scheduled for an exam, it’s freaking surgery!  She keeps looking at the damn book, trying to figure out what went wrong.  Obviously, I wasn’t in there.  Then she looks at my file and tells me that I was a will call.  WTF?  Will call?  I am here to pick up my concert tickets?  So I calmly tell her no, she’s wrong, I was given an appointment slip and I was SCHEDULED for surgery today at 12:30pm.  As you may already guess, I’m not going into surgery today.  Another nurse came in and mentioned that it was probably her that put the will call on my folder cuz it looked like my appointment was “erased” in the book so she “thought” i was going to call in and schedule one.  Idiots.  Well, I don’t blame the two nurses that were there, I blame the freakin’ airhead that couldn’t be bothered with writing my appointment down in the book.

So my extractions are rescheduled until Monday at 9:30am.  So now I have the whole weekend to freak out about it.  At least now I can attend the concert that I had originally canceled because I thought I would be recovering from surgery over the weekend.  That’s the silver lining in all of this.

I don’t know how i’ll feel next week.  I am suppose to have my wires put in on Tuesday.  The original plan was to have the extractions done a few days before the wires go in so that I can have time to recover.  Now I don’t know if I should postpone the wires or just suck it up and do it as scheduled.  Heck, if I’m loaded up on vicodin might as well do it.  Hopefully nothing else will go wrong…

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Then Comes the Brackets

So after having spacers in for 3 days, I’m starting to get used to them…then one pops right off as i was eating ice cream.  I knew that sucker was going cuz I felt it coming out of my tooth.  I guess it did its job!  Since my orthodontist doesn’t work on Fridays, I couldn’t go in to get it fixed.  Doesn’t matter anyway cuz I had an appointment on Monday to get the brackets put on.

Monday rolls along and I’m feeling a bit better, I can’t actually eat soft foods, no more soup…for now.  I go in and get my brackets put in.  First they take out the spacers…they pretty much just pull them out with a tool…like the ones that the dentist use to scrape the plaque off.  Then they put the metal bands on my molars.  These are the reasons why I needed the spacers, to make room for the bands.

Next they put a contraption in my mouth so stretch out my lips so that nothing is touching my teeth.  They blow air into it and then rub some kinda agent on it to make the surface dry.  Then they put the brackets on…pretty much a painless process.  Then it comes time to glue the suckers on.  They warn me that the glue tastes pretty gross…they say it’s like sour cherry.  Now i love sour cherry candy…i’m thinking, oh it can’t be that bad.  I was wrong…there was nothing cherry about it.  All i can taste was the tartness of the glue…not a good taste at all.

So after an hour my brackets are in and i’m sent out the door. They sent me home with a travel case full of things to clean my teeth…and also a new Oral B electric toothbrush.  Score!  Those things are cool!  I can feel the brackets poking my cheeks already.  So I try to eat lunch…and everything gets stuck to my brackets…very annoying!  By the end of the night, my left cheek was killing me…it felt as if someone jabbed the side of my cheeks with a very sharp knife.  I was not happy….and it gets worse.  The next day, my right cheek starts to hurt…it feels as if i can’t eat anything but soup.  I just don’t want anything irritating my cheeks any further.

So now it’s the night before the extractions.  I’m really hoping it won’t be as bad as they say.  Since they are pulling out my bicuspids, it should be easier than extracting impacted wisdom teeth.  I will know tomorrow afternoon how bad it really is…

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